Road Commander LED Road Flare

$ 89.00

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          (1) ROAD COMMANDER & (1) 18" or 28" CONE

Visible up to 1 mile each direction- (LED’s on both sides of theflare)

  • Durable- military grade high impact casing- waterproof
  • Can be used in chemical or flammable spill environment
  • USB rechargeable and backed up with solar panel
  • Continuously flashing over 24 hours for long time recoveries.
  • Single color mode settings: Red; Green; Amber; Blue or dual color settings: amber/blue; blue/green; amber/green; red/blue
  • Place on road or on magnetic tripod which gives added height of 12” above ground level
  • Tripod legs can fit inside orange cone hole & flare can then be set on magnetic base
  • Flare casing base is magnetic and can be attached to vehicle or other metal surface.
  • Nite Beams Rechargeable flares will be a huge $$ savings over one (1) time use Orion road flares and will not start a fire or burn anyone.
  • Sold as 1 pack; 3 pack; and 5 pack
    • Individual flare includes 1 usb cord, 1 tripod & carry case
    • pack includes 3 flares; 3 usb cords, 3 tripods, & 1 carry case
    • pack includes 5 flares; 5 usb cords, 5 tripods & 1 carry case